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Ninja On The Roof

Xhaferi Armend

Guitar player, born in 1977 in Prishtina (Kosova).

His musical beginnings are tied to the rock n' roll scene of the city in which Xhaferi quickly established himself as a guitar player and band leader. In 1995 he leaves for Graz where he enrolls at the University of music and theatrical arts- departement of jazz. He is one of the founders of the band "Marimanga" and is the author of most of the songs found on the band's repertoire.

For a some time he studied Albanian and generally Balkan musical heritage, whose elements he skilfully weaves in his compositions, at the same time not leaving the standardized jazz framework. He is currenrtly completing his post-graduate studies in Graz. Apart from this he is an active sideman in a number of bands.