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Dubioza kolektiv

Zvekic Adis

Member of Dubioza kolektiv.

Almir HasanbegoviŠ, Adisa ZvekiŠ, Alan Hajduk and Adis ZvekiŠ founded Gluho doba in 1993 in Zenica as a street rap improvisation band. They were trying to fight the war atmosphere with their fusion of Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Ethno, Crossover... After the war they started with intense concert activities and played several festivals:

D.A.A.G.D. recorded 2 demo tracks ("Do you really love me?" and "Destruction") in  MAT studio in Tuzla in 1995. During they stay in  Bourgesu, in  April of 1996 they recorded a demo CD in "Pekor Product" studio containing tracks: "Make a choice", "Reggin'", "Highwayman" and "Face in the sky".
"Face in the sky" video was made in 1997. Due to difficult work conditions in later years, band continued with street performances on numerous occasions, DJ-MC sessions in clubs in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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