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Zlatar Nedim

Nedim Zlatar was born in Sarajevo in 1977. He started his career as a teenager playing drums in a band Lezi majmune! After the break-up of this band, he played in different groups such as Don Guido & Missionaries, Protest, Albedo…
He has been playing in Sikter since 2002.

The Basheskia project came to existence in the 2000 as a result of Nedim Zlatar's encounter with a mystical character Edo K., with whom he started a fertile collaboration in an independent production. A first release "Postcard From Sunny Neighbourhood" was published in 2004 containing five songs visualised in a video "742659831" directed by Timur Makarević and Nedim Zlatar. One of the songs from the abovementioned maxi single was used in a movie "Disarmed" for which Thievery Corporation made the music in 2005.

In 2005, Basheskia and Edo K. started working on album "23/23" and in a year they made 14 songs. Nedim plays most of the instruments on this album, with guest performers Esad Bratović, Edward EQ, Imelda Ramović, DJ Ahmaad, Dunja Galineo-Kajević, Feđa Ceribašić, Don Guido, Nermin Puškar, Adnan Šaran...

One of the noticeable performances of Basheskia is the performance at the Arboresence Festival in Aix-en-Provenceu in France in September 2005, where Basheskia played together with Edward EQ.