This weekend in Sarajevo, Gramofon Showcase 2006 will be organised with a programme that is focused on promoting Bosnian discography and presenting it to the national journalists as well as to the journalists coming from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.
On 22nd and 23rd September there will be two concerts held for the journalist attending the Showcase, one of Emina Zečaj and the other of young guitar player from Tuzla, Sanel Redžić, whose album will be released in Gramofon production soon. Within the Showcase, a round table will be organised, with participation of local musicians, foreign and national journalists, with the focus on the position of new authors and musicians in Bosnian and regional media and under-representation of traditional and modern music in the media. Apart from the debate, there will be a video projection about Validna Legitimacija, and presentation of video works by Sikter.
As a central concert event, Gramofon Showcase has scheduled a performance by electronic duo from Sarajevo, Basheskia & Edward EQ, and a band from Mostar, Zoster.

“The aim of this event is to bring the focus on the actual activities on the music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to introduce foreign journalists to the Gramofon releases”, says Edin Zubčević and adds: “in the last three years, the result of Gramofon activities  as a record label was creating a specific musical community whose activities were not adequately presented in the media, also because, among other reasons, a lack of a clear editorial policy in most of the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to Bosnian music. This way, there is a faulty impression that what is going on a music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina is less important than it really is.”
Gramofon project has been supported by Swiss Cultural Programme, a common programme of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Swiss Development Cooperation SDC.