Festival budala, second album by Zoster, has been released on Gramofon label. The album can be found in all well stocked CD shops in Mostar, Sarajevo, Zenica and Tuzla and other towns in Bosnia- Herzegovina and in Croatia. You can buy Festival budala and Zoster’s first album Ojužilo also on the Internet.

The album containing twelve songs has been recorded in Sarajevo from April to November last year, while postproduction has been done in Bauer studio, Germany. At the end of 2006, two radio singles have announced the album: Na kamenu and Ko je jamio-jamio. Although, the audience has already had the opportunity to hear some of the songs from their second album in many of the concerts that Zoster held in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and France.
Zoster has remained faithful to their poetics and social engagement also with their second album. Their opinions are best expressed through a slogan: 'Heads off to petty thieves, and hats off to the big ones'. Zoster’s songs talk about fake moral, post-war hopelessness, corruption and other dark sides of our society today. Nevertheless, the thing that astonishes is the amount of optimism and mirth their music radiates. Even on this album, lyrics by the singer Mario Knezović are unfailingly witty, charming and unpretentious. The album has been produced for Gramofon label by multi-instrumentalist from Mostar, Atilla Aksoj.
The music on the new Zoster’s album brings the freshness and authenticity on our music scene while Zoster still remains a unique musical phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.