DJ Niköll will perform at CDA on Saturday, March 31. The French artist had already performed in Sarajevo on several occasions, and all his performances were characterized by authentic music and extraordinary showmanship. Trying to describe his music, a French journalist said that it was hard to express a felling one has while watching this young man playing keyboards, singing, and operating samplers simultaneously. “You feel as if in a fairytale until you suddenly realize that music you’ve been listening to is a happy and cheerful improvisation.”

This musician, who very much resembles a street player, has been living a peaceful life in the foot of mount St. Victoria. He was the first prize winner in piano category at the Conservatorium of Aix, and he recently graduated with a degree in amplified modern music.      
Niköll has been using piano in combination with drum machine for about ten years now. He collaborated with different bands and performed different styles; played modern jazz with “Quartet au carre,” swing with Hot Lips Parade, electro jazz, electro-acoustic improvisations with Acoustronico, as well as techno with Yovotronik.
His latest project “Piano Mecanik Kantatik” is “the most complex one in terms of musicianship,” and Niköll yet once again proved to be a showman and musician of a rare talent. The tickets will be sold at the price of 10 km at the CDA box-office, on the day of the performance.