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Basheskia - Postcard From Sunny Neighbourhood (EP)


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All songs written and performed by Nedim Zlatar
Mix by Igor ╚amo; except loza by Nedim Zlatar

Esad BratoviŠ - guitars; xylophone and sitar on loza
Jelena MilušiŠ - vocals on together alone
Imelda RamoviŠ - vocals on blue
Adnan Šaran - vocals on loza
Edward EQ - piano on 1

Recorded at home studio "Old Majkfild" by Nedim Zlatar, 2000.-2004.
Vocals recorded at home studio by Bojan Lisac and Enes Zlatar
Mastered at Masterhana, Sarajevo
Design by Mirel

Printed and manufactured at Sony DADC, Austria
A Gramofon production

(C) & (P) Gramofon 2004
Release date: 14 November 2004